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Nurturing visionaries for everlasting excellence and universal understanding.


The Udayachal team of dedicated teachers, in active collaboration with parents, in a secure, secular, stress-free environment strives to impart holistic and inclusive education that inspires young minds.

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Lead us from Darkness to Light

We strive to provide an environment of self-discovery where children can grow to reach their full potential. The focus is on total personality development, which we facilitate and strengthen through joyful learning. Academic progress is balanced with physical, socio-emotional, aesthetic, spiritual and mental development to ensure holistic growth and prepare children to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Udayachal believes in inclusive education, and has always opened its doors to children from various stratas of society. Our inclusive policies ensure that children with special needs find a place in regular classrooms. Religious inclusion is high on our agenda and we celebrate every major festival in school.

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Once Upon A Time

As a nation, we have always upheld traditional wisdom while embracing emerging new radical ideas. At Udayachal, we have the advantage of a rich cultural heritage, and several endearing and empowering stories from over the years. Here we recount one of our favourites, the story of how we started.

15th August 1955 – The birth of Udayachal, an institution which embodies the vision of our forefathers.

On his routine visits to the Company, Pirojsha Godrej was disturbed by the plight of children who, having nothing constructive to do, were whiling away their time on the streets. Being a man of vision and enterprise, Pirojsha Godrej knew that education was the only way to change the condition of these children and contribute to the development of the nation. He immediately decided to provide his workers and their families the best of facilities. This endeavour led to the birth of Udayachal schools in the garden township of Pirojshanagar.

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Registration for the Annual Atheletic Meet for High School started.
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Krishiv Tekchandani, of standard 8 won the third spot at the Inter-school All India Golf Tournament and was ranked among the top three golfers in the Junior under 14 category at the all India level and adjudged the top golf player in The western India Region.
Disha Joshi of Standard 8 won the gold medal in the 80 metre Hurdles and Sharvari Parulekar of Standard 8 bagged silvers in the 80 metre Hurdles as well as in the long Jump event at the National level Meet held in Kerala.
Sakshi Kadam, also from standard 8 won two gold medals at the National level Kickboxing Championships held at Kolkata.
Payal Patil from Standard 8 won a bronze medal at the National level Kickboxing Championships held at Kolkata.
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After getting selected for the camp through school, I was very much thrilled to attend this fun, action packed camp which was held in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. The camp included activities like rappelling, zip lining, rafting. The mysterious activity about this camp was the Socratic Dialogue.
Socratic Dialogue taught me to think decisively and to express my own views constructively.
The CAV (Community Action Venture) is practical application of the value “giving” which is taught in the program which helps us to think creatively to start and sustain any project/venture. Theatre and Yoga sessions were truly relaxing and amusing sessions.
Team building was fun as we built a raft together as a team which, unfortunately broke while rafting.
I made friends with students from different parts of the country, from Ladakh to Trivandrum, Sikkim to Andhra Pradesh. 14 days passed by as if it was only yesterday.
This camp helped me to find the ‘inner me’. It really helped me to open up and express my thoughts, views and to learn value- based leadership skills.

Ubaid Kazi.
Grade 10.
Udayachal High School.

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Sakshi Kadam, also from standard 8 won two gold medals at the National level Kickboxing Championships held at Kolkata.

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Payal Patil from Standard 8 won a bronze medal at the National level Kickboxing Championships held at Kolkata.

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Annual Day: Annual Day Celebrate on 12th February, 2016. This year’s theme ‘Beyond Boundaries - Celebrate Cultures’ showcased a magical palette of folk dance forms from India and abroad. Mrs Revathi Srinivasan, Principal of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School - Thane, was the chief guest and Mr. Ajay Prabhakar, former U.N. Diplomat was the guest of honour.

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Marathi Divas: Marathi divas was celebrated on 29th February, 2016, to commemorate the birth anniversary of the famed Marathi playwright and poet, Shri. Vishnu Waman Shirwadkar ( Kusumagraj). The highlight of the programme was a session conducted by Prof. Visubhau Bapat on the essence of poetry.

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Shadaja - Hindustani Classical Concert on 12th March 2016, at the Russian Cultural Centre.

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Teacher trainees from SNDT visit UPPS on 15th March 2016

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UPPS Project display on Family 19th March 2016

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Music concert coming up on 2nd April

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Green Buddies – overnight stay 19th March 2016

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Teachers went on a mangrove trail on the occasion of Vanmahotsav on 4th July 2015.

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2 teachers were invited to visit our partner school, Salford Priors C of E Primary School, U.K. from 1st to 8th July 2015.

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On 7th Aug 2015, on the occasion of Friendship Day, we invited children from Child Welfare Centre, Mobile Creches and Good Samaritan to school to interact with our students.

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Children put up a programme on the theme of ‘Bhakti Geeton Ka Sangam’ on 15th Aug 2015, on the occasion of Independence Day.

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Teachers visited The Somaiya School, Ghatkopar on 29th September 2015.

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Our supervisor, Mrs. Anita Sequeira attented The Hindustan Times Top Schools Award function on 7th Oct 2015 where we were getting a prize for being one of Mumbai’s top schools.

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Teachers visited the Orchild School and the Vidya Valley School in Pune on the 8th and 9th of Oct 2015

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We received the IGBC Green School Award (Platinum rating) on 19th Nov 2015. The principals of Udayachal Primary and High School gave a presentation on 21st Nov 2015.

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Annual Athletic Meet: The 51st Annual Athletic meet was held on the 4th, 6th and 7th of December, 2015. Ms. Hetal Dave, an International level Sumo wrestler graced the occasion as the chief guest. The Nalanda house was adjudged the best House.

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Sports Day was held on 11th December 2015

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Teachers and parents organised games stalls at the Anand Mela held on 19th Dec 2015.

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‘Twinning Programme’ and ‘Adopt a State’ venture: are pilot projects initiated by the Ministry of Education.
The Twinning project aims at bringing about rural-urban collaboration in the field of learning and sharing successful educational practices. Udayachal High School teamed up with D.J. Galvankar School, Arnala, Virar.
Assam was the state adopted by the Maharashtra Government with the objective of promoting better understanding of its cultural ethos.

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Children from UPS will participate in the Earth Hour programme on 19th March, 2011 at the Godrej Hillside Ground.


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Towards Excellence

At Udayachal our path has been dotted with several successes, some small and some momentous.
Through this journey, what has shaped us is our constant endeavour to stay grounded in the face of success and determined in the face of obstacles.

  1. 1955

    Bal Mandir starts with 10 children on its roll

  2. 1958

    Foundation stone laid for a four storeyed school building

  3. 1960

    Primary school recognised by the Education Department

  4. 1961

    Technical subject introduced for higher classes

  5. 1962

    High school building completed

  6. 1964

    English introduced as an additional medium of instruction.

    1st Annual Athletic Meet.

  7. 1967

    First batch of SSC students leave school (7 students appeared , 100% result).

  8. 1968

    New pre – primary school building constructed

  9. 1971

    New pre – primary school building erected

  10. 1978

    First issue of the School magazine named ‘Uday’ is released

  11. 1979

    More than 1100 SSC students go through the portals of Udayachal

    Foundation- stone laid for Auditorium

  12. 1980

    Udayachal celebrates its silver jubilee

  13. 1981

    Udayachal Merit Awards, Vidyarthi Sahaye Nidhi Scholarships, Udayachal Scholarships announced.

  14. 1983

    Manuscript Magazine released(5)

    English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi(2)

  15. 1983

    Manuscript Magazine released(5)

    English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi(2)

  16. 2003

    Silver jubilee issue of Uday

  17. 2005

    UHS Golden jubilee. President APJ Abdul Kalam and Magsaysay awardee IPS officer Kiran Bedi visits the school

  18. 2008

    Udayachal initiates international exchange programme, where teachers visit the partner school at U.K. and vice versa. ( Sustained Programme)

  19. 2011

    Udayachal joins the Seeds of Peace venture , where qualifying students attend an International Peace Camp at Maine, U.S.A. ( Sustained Programme)

    Choir concert of all the three schools in the amphitheatre

  20. 2012

    Udayachal High School wins the International School Accreditation award from The British Council for the first time. ( Sustained Programme)

    Green Buddies, our nature club was inaugurated

  21. 2013

    Udayachal Primary School wins the International School Accreditation award from The British Council for the first time.

  22. 2014

    School Business Enterprise Challenge undertaken

  23. 2015

    Udayachal High School wins the International School Accreditation award from The British Council for the second time for a period of three years. ( Sustained Programme).

    Udayachal High School wins the ‘Platinum’ Green School Building Award.

    IGBC Green Schools Platinum rating received in November 2015.