We strive to provide an environment of self-discovery where children can grow up to reach their full potential. The focus is on total personality development, which we facilitate and strengthen through joyful learning. Academic progress is balanced with physical, socio-emotional, aesthetic, spiritual and mental development to ensure holistic growth and prepare children to face the challenges of tomorrow. Udayachal believes in Inclusive education, and has always opened its doors to children from various stratas of society. Our inclusive policies ensure that children with special needs find a place in regular classrooms. Religious inclusion is high on our agenda and we celebrate every major festival in school.

We share the optimism of the nation for a progressive future, and believe we will do our bit to shape responsible citizens and future world leaders. Multifarious activities are designed to promote children's talents and allow them to bloom in their unique ways.

Children leave Udayachal armed with knowledge, awareness and a value system that empowers them to be global citizens.

The corridors of our school echo with the belief; once an Udayachalite, always an Udayachalite. What makes us different is the fact that we are value-driven. Destinies are shaped as teaching transcends the four walls of the classroom. Udayachal is where young minds are ignited and enlightened, the lives of pupils enriched and global citizens of the future moulded. The positivity is palpable as teachers zealously strive to bring out the best in every child.

Our Trustee, fondly called Smitaben is the guiding force behind all our successful endeavours.


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