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Udayachal has been experimenting and innovating in the field of education over the years.
Children are taught to share and care for others, hence children from municipal schools, the blind and the deaf schools are invited for various functions with a view to reaching out to them.


Murarji Vaidya Elocution Competition :

The Forum of Free Enterprise organises a competition every year. The child who stands first competes with children of other schools. (This competition is held in all good schools at school level.)


Inter-School Elocution Competition :

Inter-school Elocution competition in memory of Late Pirojsha Godrej & Shri N.P.Godrej is held on 2nd December every year. Prominent schools of Mumbai participate in this competition.

Inter-school Elocution contest


Games & Sports:

The school has a huge ground. Physical Education and sports are given equal importance to enable children to compete with other schools. Regular tournaments are held before school and after school to encourage children to bring the best out of them. The school takes part in all activities related to sports at the Maharashtra State level. Several trophies have been won by the school children.


Reaching out to parents..:

The school has a parent-teacher association as per norms laid down for all recognized schools. Regular meetings of the parents are held during the academic year and the minutes are recorded and sent to the Education Dept. This interaction between parents and teachers has helped to maintain the decorum of the school. The parents have been very co-operative by and large.


Enhancing skills :

Interschool competition :

The school takes every opportunity to send children for all interschool competitions. Various competitions are organised throughout the year by Nehru Science Center. One such competition was preparing a website on Gandhiji. Noel Sequeira assisted by the computer teachers took up the challenge of preparing a website on Gandhiji. The School received the 1st prize on the 2nd of October 2000. The portal is displayed on www.godrej.com.

Prize for the website

Master Abhishek A. Achrekar also got 1st prize for Clay Modelling on Gandhiji on the occasion.


Educational Trips / Excursions, Workshops & Seminars :

The school conducts Educational Trips / Excursions, Workshops & Seminars to enhance the students' knowledge and satisfy their curiosity by providing first hand experience.
The students are also encouraged to dramatize lessons in social studies, prepare models for science and social studies and create their own projects / presentations.

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Scholarship :

The school has instituted two scholarships called Smt. Cooverbai Vakil Scholarship and Udayachal School Scholarship.


Social Cause (NASEOH) :

Visits were made to the National Society for the Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped (NASEOH) by the students of Udayachal.

We observed the various activities conducted at the NASEOH.

The special children are trained to be self dependent by acquiring skills like :
:: Packaging
:: Gardening
:: Tie & Dye
:: Manufacturing artificial limbs, tricycles, etc.

Udayachal High School was awarded a trophy for
the charity amount donated to NASEOH

ISO 14001 - Along with the township of Pirojshanagar, the School is also a part of the ISO 14001 certification. The School makes an effort to maintain the green surroundings and also ensures safety measures in laboratories & technical sections. Workshops were conducted for teachers to create an awareness about the safety measures to be adopted during an emergency. Teachers in turn enlightened the students to follow the rules laid down in the emergency plan.


Other Inter School Competitions:

The school children participate in many other competitions. Some of them are:

  1. National cultural Talent Scholarship for Drama, Music & other arts.
  2. Mani Bhavan - The students participate in recitation of poems and passages on Gandhiji in Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi & English languages.
  3. Ramakrishna Mission - The students participate in recitation of poems and passages on Vivekananda in Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi & English.
  4. Activities organised by WWF.
  5. All India Camlin Colour contest sponsored by Camlin Co.
  6. Maths Concept Examinations.
  7. N Ward Science Exhibition.
  8. Commonwealth Essays organised by Commonwealth countries.
  9. Declamation.
  10. Inter School Elocution Competition.
  11. YMCA - Brain Waves Inter School Competition.
  12. Common Wealth Essay Competition.
  13. Nehru Science Centre Competition.
  14. Homi Bhabha Science Talent Search.
  15. Bal Vygyanik Maths Concept School Exam.
  16. Maharashtra State High Schools & Middle School Scholarship Exam.


Essay Competition